EmbodyBirth™ Academy - School for Conscious Childbirth Education

Unlock Your Womb Wisdom 

For  Pregnancy And Childbirth.

Deeply connect to your body, spiritually align with your baby, and confidently prepare for the birth experience you desire.

Are you afraid to give birth as nature intended

without medical intervention?

Following your maternal instincts and doing what you feel is right for you and your baby can be a challenge.


This is especially true when the messages you have received throughout your life imply that childbirth is an emergency waiting to happen.


You’ve been told you will need labour inductions and epidurals because birth is excruciating. 


And you've been told you will need to be in a medical environment because there are so many things that could go wrong.


If these fear make you feel like you can't have the birth experience you envision...you are not alone.


So many mums-to-be feel the same way.

Childbirth is meant to be an instinctual, and embodied experience. 


Whether you are planning your first or fifth birth, a home birth, or a VBAC, childbirth is a time to build confidence in your bodily autonomy.


It's a time to come home to yourself - home to your body, baby, womb, and truth.


Imagine going through pregnancy, labour, and birth reassured of your primal female power that holds you steadfast and strong.


What you imagine is possible!


Embark on a path of self-discovery and be affirmed that you already know how to give birth...so you can welcome your child into the world and into the arms of Love without anxiety or fear!

Welcome! I’m Maha,

an award-winning international birth educator  and the creator of

EmbodyBirth™ ~ Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom.

I am the mother of three beautiful children. And at the age of 45 1/2, I naturally conceived my last child.


Medical opinion deemed my pregnancy high risk and insisted that I would need to birth under their supervision. They told me birthing alone at home was not an option.


Yet I wasn’t worried - even in spite of all the negativity surrounding an "older mom" giving birth naturally. I confidently embraced everything that came my way - listening to my body, connecting with my baby, and letting go of all the fears imposed upon me by these external voices.


I lived the very philosophy of my powerful program, EmbodyBirth™, which I have taught to so many women and birth professionals - this philosophy which holds the truth that mothers and babies are experts of birth.


And so, following my womb wisdom (and much to the surprise of many people) I gave birth in a calm, supportive environment to my beautiful daughter Aminah - when I was 46 years of age.


It was an incredible home water lotus birth without any medical intervention or interference.


Now, I'm here to share with you, that if you find the negativity surrounding childbirth leaves you wondering, “can I have the birth I desire?”


I'm here to tell you, you CAN!

My daughter Aminah's birth

Join the MINI EmbodyBirth™ program!

My mission is to share with every woman, regardless of who you are or where you are from, the immense qualities and gifts of childbirth.


And how do you access these qualities and gifts?


Well, it starts with knowing the secret to childbirth...that a blueprint for birth is always within you!


EmbodyBirth™ is my birth preparation program that helps you to unlock your womb wisdom and access this blueprint.


It is also a program that:

  • encourages personal freedom to make your own decisions for you and your baby

  • prepares you for a deeply sacred, spiritual, and positive birth experience

  • supports you so you can confidently give birth as nature intended.

Since 1996, I have taught the philosophy of EmbodyBirth™ in person to doulas, birth educators, and mums-to-be all over the world.


Just last year, in 2020, I made this program available online for anyone to access 24/7.

And now for the first time, you can join the MINI EmbodyBirth™ program!


Curated from the full program, this mini program is for mums-to-be who would like to gain the wisdom of EmbodyBirth™ at an affordable price.


If you:

  1. want to enhance your birth preparation and begin learning about your innate womb wisdom.
  2. have already signed up for childbirth education, but you feel as though it's missing something.
  3. would like to see what EmbodyBirth™ is all about before diving deep into the full program.

...then this deeply supportive and spiritually reassuring mini program is for you!


So you can prepare for the birth experience you desire!


Listen to this mom's experience of EmbodyBirth

EmbodyBirth™ is childbirth education with a focus on birth preparation.


This focus on birth preparation will help you access and activate your innate womb wisdom.


It will help you awaken your power as a female and as a mother...so you can spend less time worrying about what could go wrong, and spend more time enjoying your pregnancy and anticipating your child's arrival Earthside.


It will help you reframe your experience...so that you can spend less time stressing over suggestion after suggestion from well-meaning people, and spend more time in peace because you and your baby already know what you are doing.


However, the focus on birth preparation and education isn't just for pregnancy and labour. It is also preparation for your postpartum period. 


Recovery and adjusting to all the changes that take place in postpartum can rob you of joyful moments with your newborn.


But if you are already grounded, connected to your baby, and know who you are as a mother, it will be easier for you to heal and be present with your child.

The Mini EmbodyBirth Online Program Features



Seven comprehensive and comforting educational videos with an award winning birth educator


Practical advice to prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally for birth


A powerful suggested activity that will guide you through letting go of fears to activate your inner power

Prenatal Exercise

The Circle dance from my award-winning BellydanceBirth ® video series, Dance Of The Womb

Included Chapters

  • Introduction to EmbodyBirth

    Prepare your mind to dive into the program!


    Intro video about the EmbodyBirth™ philosophy and an overview of the full program.

  • Module 1 - Chapter 2 - Personal Inquiry and Reflections

    Discover your beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth.


    Examine your insights and ideas surrounding pregnancy and childbirth, to address the origins of your beliefs , and if and how they are serving you and your baby.

  • Module 1 - Chapter 3- Imposed Fears vs Innate Fears Parts 1/2/3

    Feel lighter and more confident to birth the way you desire.


    Reflect on fears that have been imposed on you by society and the innate fears you naturally may have about birth. Distinguish between which fears are truly yours and those you can let go of.


    One activity included that you can do alone or in connection with your partner and/or birth support.

  • Module 2- Chapter 5 - Birth Is Not An Emergency - It’s A Spiritual Emergence

    Spiritually align with your baby.


    Learn how the idea of birth, as a spiritual opening, can activate your feminine power and bring you into a psychic bond with your baby to clear channels for their birthing way.

  • Module 3 - Chapter 4 - The Pelvis, Cervix, and Jaw - A Perfect Birth Alchemy

    Deeply connect with your body.


    Understand the importance to connect to your pelvis, cervix, and jaw for birth preparation. Learn how to amplify your awareness of these parts of your body so you can confidently align your vision for your birth through your physical posture.


    This chapter also gives you practical advice to help relieve bodily tensions and constrictions so you can move through pregnancy and labour calmly and at greater peace.

  • Module 4 - The Circle - The most fundamental movement of BellydanceBirth®

    Learn a power movement as prenatal exercise.


    Learn the most fundamental dance movement of all the BellydanceBirth® dances that I practised throughout my pregnancies. Come and dance with me when I was 46 years old and pregnant with my daughter, Aminah.


    It’s a movement that fully grounds you to Mother Earth and holds you steadfast in the belly of her womb. It helps strengthen your pelvic muscles, ligaments, and joints so you can prepare easily for birth. You can also use the movement in labour to meet your rhythms (contractions) with deeply rooted focus.

Join the Mini EmbodyBirth™ Program



One time payment

Life-time access

This program has changed my outlook on birth!


Maha generously gives a deep part of herself  in EmbodyBirth™.  And she delivers her message in such a way that I can fully absorb her potent messages without difficulty. It allows me to be in the moment.  I went from being scared to being excited to embrace what’s to unfold!

- Stacy, mom.

Birthing your child into the world doesn't

have to be costly.


The year of 2020, has been extra stressful for pregnant mums-to-be because of lockdowns, gathering regulations, and hospital restrictions.


And many of these difficulties continue through the year 2021.


Because of the the financial strain COVID-19 has placed on many families around the world, I wanted to make sure you have access to high-quality childbirth education.


Which is why I curated this mini program and made it affordable at the price of $97 USD. 


Perhaps in these difficult times you feel like your pregnancy and birth journey will also be challenging and problematic. 


This mini online program can be a positive aid in your journey and remind you of your innate power to give birth.


Unlock and activate your ancestral womb wisdom.


Your womb wisdom can be the gentle and soothing guide that reminds you...


you and your baby are in control of the experience, no matter what is happening in the world.

Here's what mothers LOVE about

this online program!


A birthing philosophy that helps reduce stress and tension so you can enjoy your experience of pregnancy and labour 


Activities that effectively teach you the principles of EmbodyBirth™ that you may complete with your partner so you can build a deeper connection.


Spiritual depth, that is lacking in most other birth preparation programs, so you can achieve alignment with your body and baby.


Physical connection between the cervix, jaw and pelvis so you can move freely and intuitively during labour.


BellydanceBirth® techniques so you can prepare physically for birth, in a more feminine way, rather than through boring exercises. 


Life-time access so you can learn at your own pace and revisit it's wisdom for inspiration and if you choose to have future pregnancies.


Online access so you can skip commutes and move through the program in the comfort of your own home.

What is BellydanceBirth®?

Women in the Middle East have been using belly dancing during pregnancy for centuries as a way to prepare for labor and childbirth.


Recently in the West, with this wonderful resource leading the way, the art of belly dance has emerged as a powerful prenatal exercise. 


The gentle, circular movements provide low impact exercise that:


✓ Gives you comfort. The gentle dance movements can help welcome contractions (or expansions as I like to call them) and ease painful sensations that arise during labour.


✓ Helps you navigate through the birth rhythms. So you can feel confident and capable in managing your labour.


✓ Helps release feel-good hormones as you shut the world out and expand deeply into your body.


✓ Releases you from the fear of childbirth. You will learn to birth through your fear rather than birth in fear.


✓ Helps you bring awareness back to yourself and baby. This awareness will help you remain calm and relaxed throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey by using movement, sound and breath.


✓ Helps to connect you to your womb and precious baby.


EmbodyBirth™ is the first and ONLY childbirth preparation program that includes belly dance techniques as prenatal exercise!


When you buy the mini EmbodyBirth™ program, you will learn one simple and yet powerful movement, The Circle.


This introductory movement is perfect for mothers who would like to try out a different kind of prenatal exercise. 


The Circle is one of the movements I used to welcome my own labour expansions, and it’s a powerful practice that gives birth back to you!


As the founder of BellydanceBirth®, and having taught it for 24 years, I can confidently say it is an art of grace, spiritual alignment, feminine embodiment, and an enjoyable way for mothers to prepare for childbirth.


No dance experience is necessary! Let your baby enjoy the womb movements!

An EmbodyBirth mom in labour using BellyDanceBirth® movements

Dancing with Maha made me more aware of my body.


I took beginning belly dance classes during my second pregnancy. When I became pregnant with number three, I knew that I wanted to do more belly dancing...and then I found BellydanceBirth®.


Unlike most exercises I’ve done, including my original experience with belly dancing...dancing with Maha made me more aware of my body. Emotion seemed to flow out of my body while doing the movements. It felt good, like a release.


Practicing BellydanceBirth® in my pregnancy and during labor helped me stay in the moment, to just be with my body and my baby. 


Even now, I still do a lot of the circling and spiraling in my daily life. It helps with back pain, stresses in my pelvic area, and loosening things up when I get tense. 


I highly recommend it!

- Lauren McClain, Childbirth Educator. 

Once Purchased

you gain immediate access through an email with your login information and a link to the entire mini program!

Here's the recap

  • The mini program features...

    • Seven comprehensive and reassuring educational videos and slides with an award winning birth educator.


    • A powerful suggested activity that will help you let go of your fears and unlock your power.


    • Practical advice to prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally for birth.


    • The Circle dance from Maha’s award winning video series BellydanceBirth®.

Join the Mini EmbodyBirth™ Program



One time payment

Life-time access

I found the answers I had about birth within this program.


I don’t know how much I can thank Maha for bringing this course online and especially during this year with COVID-19.


If you are considering whether or not you should take this course...the answer is definitely, yes!

- Mai, Mom. 

Frequently asked questions

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